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Neymar’s Lambretta Inspired Provocation

December 19, 2016

Neymar’s Attempted Provocation Against Espanyol on Sunday.

To his detractors, Brazilian star Neymar is simply an agent provocateur, his footballing theatrics designed to bring the worst out of the opposition, something he tried against Espanyol with a ‘Lambretta’ flick in the final moments of the game.

“The ‘Lambretta’ flick is a trick in which a player steps to the side of the ball and flicks it up round from the side of them.

The trajectory of the ball gives this trick its name. The trick is usually performed while running forward with the ball, and is done by rolling the ball up the back of one leg with the other foot, before flicking the standing foot upwards to propel the ball forward and over the head”

A trick Nigerian legend Jay-Jay Okocha was popular for in his time.

With the score at 4-1, he couldn’t successfully complete the move which has already given him a bad name.

The fact Neymar even tried it will once again reopen the debate on whether he does it on purpose when the game is already decided or, on the contrary, it is a natural, instinctive reaction and part of his style of play, regardless of the outcome.

via Marca.

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