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Balotelli Dares McGregor

December 27, 2016

King Of Nice, Mario Balotelli Issues Octagon Challenge to McGregor

Never one to shy away from the spotlight, Nice forward Mario Balotelli has issued an interesting challenge to Conor McGregor.

The UFC lightweight champion has quite the target on his back as one of the world’s most famous fighters and now the former Liverpool man has joined the list of those to call him out.

However, Balotelli doesn’t want to enter the cage with the Irishman himself and has called on McGregor to take on his close friend, Giorgio Petrosyan.

“You’re a great fighter but to be the champion of champions you have to beat the champion Giorgio Petrosyan,” said Balotelli via Instagram. “Good luck with the fight, don’t be afraid.”

Petrosyan is a specialist in the muay-thai and kickboxing fields but has never competed in the UFC, MMA’s biggest organisation.

Will the Dubliner accept the challenge laid down by Balotelli? Only time has the answer.

via Marca

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