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Barcelona’s Inspiring Love Stories

January 10, 2018

From Lionel Messi, Through Luis Suarez, to Philippe Coutinho, The Inspiring Love Stories Of Barcelona’s Attacking Trio

The Catalan giants are famous for employing the services of ruthless forwards who have established themselves as arguably the best on the planet, and the signing of Philippe Coutinho is the latest reminder that Barcelona have no intentions of lowering their standards anytime soon.

There’s absolutely no doubt whether the Coutinho factor brings that extra bite of dynamism and creativity to the Blaugrana’s attacking line, but what else does the Brazilian playmaker have in common with his new team-mates?

LOVE? Yes love!

In 2017, Lionel Messi’s marriage to Childhood lover Antonella Roccuzzo marked the celebration of a truly inspiring love story; two innocent kids who had grown from friends, to lovers, to parents of two beautiful kids, but the Argentine couple are not alone, they’ve got company

Lionel Messi and bride Antonella Roccuzzo pose for photographers just after their wedding at the City Centre Complex in Rosario, Santa Fe province, Argentina on June 30, 2017.


While Lionel Messi’s love story needs no introduction, the inspiring tales of his South American counterparts aren’t as popular and celebrated as his, well, actually he’s up there as arguably the greatest of all time, so that’s understandable

Apart from being red-blooded South Americans who will be representing their countries at the World Cup next summer, Luis Suarez and Philippe Coutinho also share similar love stories to that of Messi and Antonella.

Luis Suarez, Sofi and the humble Beginnings at Nacional

Luis Suarez and Sofi, with their kids

While the former Ajax and Liverpool hit-man was born into a family of seven in the city of Salto, a northwestern region bordering Argentina, his future wife Sofia Balbi, was raised in the comfort of Uruguay’s capital city, Montevideo

As fate would have it, seven-year-old Suarez moved with his family to Montevideo, where he developed his soccer skills mixing and playing with his mates on the streets

However, while the Ajax legend focused on pursuing his dreams of professional football, the forces were lining up an encounter that would change his life forever.

At the age of 15, Luis Suarez met and fell in love with Sofia Balbi, but over a year later, Sofi’s family moved down to Barcelona, leaving behind a broken teenager who was only still finding his way through the ranks at Nacional

Although, while his lover was far way in Barcelona, the Uruguayan striker kept in touch, and continued making strides in his career, progressing through the ranks at Nacional, joining Groningen, Ajax and Liverpool in 2011, two years after walking down the aisle with Sofi.

So when Barcelona came calling in 2014, it wasn’t just an opportunity to play with some of the best players and win trophies, it was the perfect opportunity for the Uruguayan couple to reunite with family.

Philippe Coutinho and Aine

Coutinho and Aine with their daughter Maria, during the Brazilian playmaker’s days at Anfield

Barcelona’s latest Brazilian recruit was just 14 when he met Aine at a party in Rio de Jainero, Brazil’s capital City, from there on, it only got better.

According to Coutinho, their relationship was almost too good to be true, like a movie script or something

“Aine plays a huge part in everything I do. We didn’t study together, we didn’t really have mutual friends, except for one, who had a party and we both went to it. We met there and sat together for a long time just talking

“She asked me to be her boyfriend.There wasn’t really a moment where we were like, ‘OK we are together now.’

“We’re from the same neighbourhood and so we just started seeing more and more of each other, going places together and it grew deeper and stronger.”

The couple are rarely without each other, and when Coutinho left Vaso de Gama for Inter Milan in 2010, reports claim Aine abandoned her studies to join him in the ancient city of Milan.

Two years later, while Coutinho was at Espanyol under Mauricio Pochettino, the Brazilian love birds got married and the union has produced two beautiful kids thus far; Maria and Philippe junior.

Philippe Coutinho with daughter Maria, his wife Aine and mother Dona Esmeralda, on board the private jet to Barcelona

When the Brazilian playmaker joined Liverpool from Inter in 2013, the couple immediately moved to England and have also relocated to Barcelona following Philippe’s record transfer to the Nou Camp.

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