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The Confessions of Christensen

January 12, 2018

Mental Pressure and High Performance Standards: Chelsea Defender Andreas Christensen on Being a First-teamer.

We’ve seen it at Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal and even Stoke, in the Premier league, there’s simply no room for complacency, you can’t afford to get comfortable, regardless of how impressive you’ve been

Andreas Christensen has definitely been the revelation of the season for defending Premier league champions Chelsea, but after earning himself a four and half year contract extension, the 21-year-old defender knows getting comfortable is a forbidden fruit

“You can’t get comfortable here,” Christensen said after Chelsea’s Carabao Cup goalless draw with Arsenal on Wednesday

“Even with the players we have here now you can’t feel comfortable, the players we have in the changing room.”

“That is why it is so mentally hard because every time you play you have to perform and you can’t afford to make major mistakes.”

“It’s not an easy team to break in. The two seasons I had away prepared me. I said to myself that if I wasn’t ready now, I would never be.”

On his incredible journey through the ranks at Stamford bridge, The Danish centre-back had to follow the well-worn path expected of every Chelsea youngster, a loan spell.

Christensen made the best of his two-year loan spell in the Bundesliga with Borussia Monchengladbach, and even though the German top flight didn’t prepare him for the rigorous festive calendar in the Premier league, Chelsea’s defensive stalwart is certainly adjusting to the madness

There are so many games that we try to rotate a lot,” The former Gladbach defender explained.

“That helps a lot but at the same time you want to play as many games as possible. At the end of the games you feel a bit tired but we love to play football and we won’t complain.”

“Personally I’m more tired than normal because playing in Germany you get two weeks off over Christmas so I’m used to that. Coming back here, maybe the most difficult part is mentally.

The body is prepared for it from pre-season but mentally it is difficult to keep your concentration well, it is for me anyway. Even in the academy we got a little break over Christmas. It is difficult mentally and you have to keep preparing for each game as it comes with only two or three days in between.”

In Europe’s top five leagues, the Premier league is the only clime where the football just never stops, but Christensen’s 19-appearances so far is proof that festive schedule or not, the Danish-rock is acclimating just fine, and no, hopefully, it doesn’t get too comfortable in the near future.




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