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The House Acquired For Philippe Coutinho

January 13, 2018

Luis Suarez Wasn’t Joking, He actually Did Acquire a House For Former Liverpool Team-mate Philippe Coutinho!

“‘No, presidente, there is no need for a hotel. I already have a house for him,”

No, Luis Suarez wasn’t joking when he told Barcelona president Josep Bartomeu that he had a house ready for Philippe Coutinho ahead of the Brazilian’s £142million transfer to the Nou Camp

Most footballers who join new clubs get to spend their first weeks in a hotel, but with Suarez’s offer, Coutinho’s arrival in Barcelona couldn’t get any better.

Luis Suarez and Philippe Coutinho were team-mates in a Liverpool side that almost won the Premier League in 2013/14

Coutinho will be living very close to Luis Suarez

Even though Los Cules were still negotiating Coutinho’s transfer fee with Liverpool, Luis Suarez went ahead to secure the empty pad next to his, just to ensure his former team-mate had one less thing to worry about, and of course, the Brazilian play-maker wasted no time in showing his gratitude

“He saw that a house next to his became available,”

“He didn’t know I was coming for certain but he liked the idea. Coutinho saidto the Daily Mail.

“It’s a kind gesture. We’ve seen the pictures, the views look amazing. We are in touch all the time and I look forward to seeing the property with my family. I know Luis will help us to feel at home.”

According to Sun Football, the four-storey mansion boasts a gym, elevator and sits in a 750 square metre plot.

Coutinho’s new house was formerly occupied by Cesc Fabregas before the Spanish midfielder returned to the Premier League to join Chelsea

Cesc Fabregas's partner Daniella Semaan has previously shared photos of the couple during their stay in the mansion

Cesc Fabregas’s partner Daniella Semaan previously shared photos of the couple during their stay in the mansion

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