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Why There’s Ink on Luis Suarez

January 16, 2018

Luis Suarez May Not Be a Regular Face at Tattoo Parlors, But the Recent Chat With Gerard Pique Says a Lot About His Patriotism

Most controversial of his generation? Yes. Best striker of his generation? Yes.

Ruthless poacher, fans favorite, villain, hero, troublemaker, wolf in wolf’s clothing, Luis Suarez is a lot of things, but one thing he definitely doesn’t pass for, is a tattoo freak!

Surprisingly, he actually does have a tattoo, but what’s that about??

In a wide-ranging interview with Barcelona team-mate Gerard Pique on “The Players tribune”, the Uruguayan poacher explained the reason behind the tattoo resting on the lower region of his left foot

24th of July, 2011, The day Uruguay, record Copa champions, beat Paraguay 3-0 for their 15th Copa America triumph, that’s more than any other team

“Truth is, it was an amazing tournament, and for a Uruguayan, it’s something spectacular and it’s valued tremendously.” Suarez told Pique

Although Luis Suarez, like every-other human being. has more than a million reasons to have a tattoo drawn on his skin, but the significance and message behind the Barcelona striker’s only tattoo goes back almost eight-years, when Uruguay won the Copa America 2011

The former Liverpool striker was named the tournament’s best player and hasn’t looked back since then, joining Barcelona from Liverpool and ultimately becoming arguably the most ruthless strikers in his generation

Luis Suarez celebrates a goal with Lionel Messi in Barcelona’s 4-2 win over Real Sociedad

Luis Suarez had the worst goal drought of his career at the beginning of the 2017/18 campaign, but the former Ajax captain has regained his mojo, netting eight goals in his last six appearances for the Blaugrana.


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