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Barcelona’s Ever Smiling Magician

January 17, 2018

The Free-kick Over David Seaman That Broke Millions of English Hearts, Standing Ovation at The Bernabeu and Ronaldinho’s Most Captivating Moments!

While Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi shatter records for a living, enjoying unmatched dominance for over a decade, The great Ronaldinho was on a completely different level at the peak of his powers

Arguably the greatest entertainer (Jay-Jay Okocha’s partner in crime) the game has ever seen, the Brazilian play-maker was completely unplayable in his day, and while he didn’t win as many trophies as Cristiano and Leo, Ronaldo De Assis Moreira will go down as the most talented footballer ever.

The first YouTube video (Touch of gold ft. Ronaldinho) to ever reach one million views; a clip of the Barcelona playmaker in a wild romance with the ball; when he wasn’t dazzling on the pitch, he was seducing us with mind blowing tricks off it.

Haven officially announced his retirement earlier this week, it was only fitting that we profile the some of the most captivating moments of an ABSOLUTE LEGEND of the game..

You may disagree on whether or not they are his best highlights, but these moments still reflect the rare mastery of the ball that Ronaldinho commanded

Korea/Japan 2002 World Cup -The Ingenious Free-Kick, That Delicious Pass to Rivaldo, and of Course, The Gold Medal.

Ronaldinho celebrates winning the World Cup by holding the Brazil flag behind his back, in Yokohama on 30 June 2002.

After Brazil knocked England out of the competition, David Seaman and a host of England players had tears in their eyes, again, they had failed to make their people proud.

However, it’s still not clear why they wept! whether it was the loss, or their inability to explain how Ronaldinho’s ingenious set-piece beat their triple-A goalkeeper from over 40-yards out

Well, we’re still not sure, and perhaps we’ve got to track each one of them to find out (we suggest you apply caution, these are men with emotions and tempers) but as to how the set-piece found its way into the back of the net?

There’s only one explanation; Ronaldinho was responsible!

The 37-year-old’s masterclass against the Three Lions wasn’t his first, and it definitely wasn’t his last in Korea/Japan.

The Belgian Red Devils, led by the very Mark Wilmots himself, were having an extraordinary tournament, and their distinguished leader was having the time of his life, but the Brazilians were coming, and so was Ronaldinho, only this time, the PSG playmaker turned provider, but what a provision it was.

We all remember Rivaldo’s spectacular volley against Belgium; chest, control, turn, thank you very much!. But if Rivaldo’s goal-of-the-tournament contender was ingenious, then Ronaldinho’s outside of the foot assist was the inspiration behind it

Like a real OG, Ronaldinho sent his marker to the movies, before picking out Rivaldo from a distance with an accuracy level that stunned even the Belgians.

In the end, Brazil did what was expected all tournament, running out Champions after a masterclass performance against Rudi Voller’s Germany, and for Ronaldinho, he couldn’t have asked for a better finish to what was his first major tournament with Selecao.

UEFA Champions League, Chelsea 4-2 Barcelona. A Sensational Goal, Whoever you Support!

Lets get one thing clear, this act of ridicule was pulled off against the best defense in England and arguably the most formidable in Europe at the time; one had to cross seven rivers to get the ball through Jose Mourinho’s defenders back then.

So the thing is, he was (still is) Ronaldinho, a man unfazed by clean sheets and dogged defending.

Once Barcelona’s no.10 laced his boots and made his way through the tunnel, there was only one recurring message on his mind… JUST GO OUT THERE AND HAVE FUN, and against Chelsea? it was unlike anything football had ever witnessed, this was box-office animation.

Although Ronaldinho appeared completely clueless as he approached the box of the dreaded Roman army, it was in fact, as numerous replays and highlights have confirmed, the Chelsea defenders who had no clue what was going on

Join the Brazilian in his dance (Jose Mourinho would have skinned them), go for a well timed tackle (he was dancing, you couldn’t time it well enough without conceding a set-piece, too dangerous) or just sit back and block the holes, they simply had no clue, and before they could put themselves together and act accordingly…. the damage had been done.

While Jose Mourinho’s men eventually eliminated Los Cules 5-4 on aggregate, that tie is vividly remembered today, not for Chelsea’s triumph, but for Ronaldinho’s masterpiece from 20-yards out

Have you seen a more relaxed dance in such high profiled game? I very much doubt it.

Clasico Standing Ovation – Real Madrid v Barcelona

If opposing fans could give a standing ovation to a player from either side every now and then, the Clasico wouldn’t be the biggest football rivalry till date, but for Ronaldinho, Real Madrid fans didn’t just make an exception, they broke the protocols of rivalry.

Two menacing runs, two spectacular solo goals and Real Madrid supporters were, for only the second time (Diego Maradona, 1983) in the club’s history, on their feet applauding a Barcelona player at the Santiago Bernabeu

The Barcelona faithful certainly have a lot of memories to be cheerful for, but a standing ovation from your bitter rivals is a gesture that echoes in eternity, yet, Ronaldinho made it look so simple even Jaap Stam would have wanted to have a go at that Real Madrid defense.

Was 2005/2006 Ronaldinho’s Defining Year?

While we hate to narrow down Ronaldinho’s colorful career into moments and paragraphs, 2006 will probably go down as the icing on the Playmaker’s cake

The 2005/06 Season is today considered the best in Ronaldinho’s career as the blaugrana favorite inspired Barcelona to their first Champions league title in 14-years as well as a second-straight La Liga title, making up Brazilian’s the first career double

He also went on to win his second consecutive FIFA World player of the year, finishing the season with a career-best 26 goals, 7 of which helped Barcelona win the Champions league

However, while 2006 holds arguably the best we’ve seen of Ronaldinho, it will also be remembered as the year Ronaldinho’s magic began to fade.


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