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Drinks on Wes Morgan

Dec 16, 2016No Comments

Drinks are on Wes Morgan after The Leicester City Captain Signed a New Contract with Captain Morgan Rum   By James_Sharpe. The drinks will soon


Football Rogues

Dec 15, 2016No Comments

ESPN FC’s Football Rogues. “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” has everyone buzzing about the first stand-alone Star Wars story. It also got us thinking:


Again!! Ronaldo Rescues Fan From Security.

Dec 10, 2016No Comments

Time and time again, Cristiano Ronaldo has shown that he has got plenty of affection for his fans, and this one is just another remarkable


Cristiano Ronaldo Surprises a Kid in Madrid...

Dec 09, 2016No Comments

Cristiano Ronaldo Surprises a Kid in Madrid. Throwback to when Cristiano Ronaldo disguised himself on the streets of Madrid and capped it up by surprising

Ronaldinho has always loved the camera.

How Footballers Looked When They Were Young

Nov 24, 2016No Comments

What Footballers Looked Like when They Were Young By Kevin Blundell [Squakwa] Footballers, eh? You’d be forgiven for forgetting that they’re more than just a


Jennifer Jewell’s Famous Promise

Nov 23, 2016No Comments

Everton Fan Zone Presenter Jennifer Jewell Promises to Present Show in Bikini if Toffees Win League Premier League Match of the Day presenter Gary Lineker

You go to the bathroom 0-1... you come back and it is 4-2

Best Champions League Memes

Nov 23, 2016No Comments

Best Champions League Memes From Matchday Five You go to the bathroom 0-1… you come back and it is 4-2 If you already know I’ll


Miss BumBum’s Obsession with Messi an...

Nov 22, 2016No Comments

Miss BumBum Stripped off in Tribute to FC Barcelona’s Lionel Messi and Gerard Pique The well endowed Brazilian model, who’s biological name is Suzy Cortez,


Cristiano Ronaldo Becomes Twitter Sensation...

Nov 21, 2016No Comments

Cristiano Ronaldo Becomes Twitter Sensation. Cristiano Ronaldo’s crouched celebrations for Real Madrid against Atletico Madrid have gathered some attention. Certainly the internet enjoyed it.. Following


Wenger v Mourinho in Words.

Nov 16, 2016No Comments

The eternal war of words between Jose Mourinho and Arsene Wenger goes on and on and on, and it looks like even in death, the